Education Legislative Updates

Bills & Miscellaneous Documents

2018 VASBO Cost Containment Letter

2010 VASBO Governance White Paper (PK-12 Districts)

Summary of 2003-13 Education Related Laws in VT (16 pages)

2018 Legislative Testimony

VASBO Statewide Healthcare Testimony

VASBO Special Education Testimony

VASBO Minimum Wage Testimony & Data Collection

2015 Legislative Testimony

April 10, 2015 Senate Ed Committee

AOE Testimony

March 18, 2015 Senate Ed Committee

VASBO Testimony (submitted via e-mail)

March 11, 2015 House Ways & Means Committee

VASBO Testimony

Feb 27, 2015 Letter to Senate Ed Committee

Feb 17, 2015 House Education Committee

Pembroke/Geisler Testimony

Feb 5, 2015 Senate Education Committee (Substantially the

same as testimony to House Ed on Jan 23, 2014)

Pembroke Testimony

Geisler Testimony

Mason Testimony

Amons Submission

Feb 4, 2015 House Education Committee

VSBA Testimony

VSA Testimony

VSBA/VSA Briefing